Easter Whites

White is the color of Easter.  Don’t you think?

Look around.  There are so many new white things in spring. They pop up on farms:

They pop out on trees:

White blossoms always remind me of a song my kids and I would sing when they were little,

“I looked out the window and what did I see?

  Popcorn popping on the apricot tree,

  Spring has brought me such a nice surprise,

  Blossoms popping right before my eyes.”

White is purity.  White is peaceful.  Just what Easter represents.

I have almost always decorated my Easter table with, what else? White Easter lilies:

But once in a while, with white tulips:

 Tulips are quintessential spring flowers and probably my very favorite flower.  Is there anything more beautiful than a field of them?

You’d be hard pressed to top that.  Soft and clean and bobbing in the breeze, reaching for the sun.   Reminds me of the rows and rows of them to be found in Woodburn, Oregon this time of year.

And I have to share one more favorite: white Hydrangeas. 

They, also, grow like crazy in Oregon.  They drip from houses near the coast so profusely.   Gather them up if you live in the kind of climate where they thrive (lucky you!).  Did I mention a fantastic nursery in the little town of Scappoose, Oreon, that is a perfect place to mention in a post like this?  Joy Creek Nursery - it was a must every spring when we lived in Portland years ago.  They always had an abundance of white. If you don’t live where Hydrangea thrive, purchase some at your local florist or grocer and adorn your Easter table with a vase of them:

Set out your white dishes and tableware,

your white linens, and cook that Easter ham:

And if you’re lucky enough to attend a monochromatic church like this:

……well then, you’re lucky enough.

Enjoy the colored easter eggs, relish the purple grape hyacinths and the cheerful yellow daffodils, wear a bright Easter bonnet if you choose, but decorate and flower your Easter with white. 

It’s divine!

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